Customer Submitted Artwork Requirements

We are currently using CorelDraw 2019. All artwork must be created in a Vector based program such as CorelDRAW or Adobe illustrator. Corel files must be saved back to version 2019 if you are using a newer version. Adobe illustrator files must be saved to a version older than 2019 then saved as an eps (Encapsulated Postscript Vector.) All artwork can be submitted by email. We can not use MS Word Documents or Photoshop files as they will not import to Corel. In some cases we may be able to use a pdf but the original file needs to be created in a Vector format. If you have a question about your graphics program being compatible give us a shout. We can do a test run to see if it can be used.

Print Set up

Setting up to print is easy. Think of it as “what you see is what you get.”

  • There is no need to layer the artwork anymore. First create a colored background (This is just for reference and will be deleted/or shut off on our end before printing.) The print will be on a clear background.
  • Please remember:
  • You can not use white as a block-out or negative color.
  • The OKI C942 will print white where ever you use white on the sheet. All colors, except for black, will automatically have a white underlay so they show up opaque when the decal is applied to a darker surface.
  • Pantone colors print fairly accurate although all computer monitors show colors slightly different.
  • Some colors just do not print well, shades of orange, light blues and light greens. Avoid these colors if possible.
  • Margins are 1/4″ minimum on all sides.

Metallic Colors: We can not print Metallic colors on the OKI C942. We still have the older Kodak First Check printer that can be used to print Metallic Gold & Silver.

  • The artwork for Metallic colors needs to be set up separately and can not be combined on the same print as above. All metallic artwork needs to be created in black. Margins for these prints must be 5/8″ in from top and bottom, sides 1/4″.

Before submitting your artwork for printing remember to convert the fonts into artwork. This assures the font you use opens in the artwork correctly on our end. In Corel it’s called “converting to curves” and Illustrator it’s called “converting to lines.”  I’m not familiar enough with Illustrator to assist in that program. In Corel, highlight the font, right click the mouse, then left click on “Convert to curves.” You can also surround a group of text, follow the steps given. This is important to remember, after converting to curves or lines no further text changes can be made.

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