Custom Waterslide Decals

Need High Quality Custom Model Railroad decals made?

We provide a custom design service from conception to finish print. We can do individual custom sheets or large run printing. Sorry we do not do artwork for anything other than Railroad related models. However, we will print your ready artwork. Click on the Artwork Requirements link below.

Have your own print ready artwork?

We can help you there as well. Use the link below for artwork requirements.

Artwork is quoted by the job but the basic charges are a follows:

Standard Artwork setup charge is $75.00 Plus printing. This can be higher or lower depending on the job. Printing charges are as follows:

Sheet size 1-5 Sheets 6-10 11+
8.5 X 11 $40.00 $35.00 $30.00
1/2 Sheet $35.00
1/4 Sheet $30.00 (Minimum)

*Once the job is finished you will be able to reorder the same sheet (with no artwork changes) for just the printing cost, plus shipping. Any changes will incur a small artwork fee.

Pay for your Custom Order:

Sample of our Custom work:

About our printing process:

We print using an OKI C942 Printer. This is a 1200 dpi toner type printer. It uses Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black and White toner on 5 separate drums to produce high quality images. It has a much tighter grain on the process prints. It prints in 1 pass with excellent registration. Quite different than the old ALPS ribbon printing technology that we previously used. Using any commercial decal setting solution these decals will snuggle down over details much better than their older counterparts.

Please note:

*Highball Graphics reserves the right to add any decal artwork created by us, that is after a specific Railroad prototype, to our decal catalog.

*Any decal that is for a Freelance Model Railroad will be added by owner permission only.

*Any submitted artwork for printing belongs exclusively to the owner and will not be reproduced without permission.

To contact us please use the handy link below:

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