Highball Graphics Decals are printed using a Kodak Polychrome Graphics First Check proofer. This uses the same Micro Dry Technology as the Alps MD Series printers. I use a high quality Water Slide decal paper from Microscale Industries. Although the decal film is thin, it's very strong, and can be hard to work with in big sections. The end result is well worth the extra time applying them. Be very careful to avoid contact with the surface of the decal with tweezers or other hard objects as they can scratch very easily. After the model is finish coated you won't have to worry about it. I Suggest using luke warm water as hot water activates the paper too quickly and can make the decals hard to handle. I prefer using Walthers Solvaset for a setting solution although any commercial decal set will work. Because of the characteristics of the ink itself it will not shrink down over details as well as Silk Screened decals. I suggest gently using a soft pencil eraser to help stretch the decals down over small details but only after the decal has initially set up. Then you can hit it again with decal set. They may take some getting used too but I think you will be very pleased with the results. If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask.

Notes on Finish Coats: Be Very careful not to spray on Lacquer or Solvent based Finishes very thick. A light coat is all that is needed. Heavy coats could result in the decal Ink creasing on the model. If Possible we Suggest using an Acrylic or Water based Finish. 

Thank You, Jim Abbott  

Owner / Highball Graphics

[email protected]

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