Customer Provided ready-to-print Artwork


All customer submitted artwork must be created in a Vector supported program such as Corel or Adobe Illustrator. There are others also but I'm not familiar with them. AutoCad is ok but it's not the best for this type of work. MS Word or Photoshop do not work out well. They always end up being fuzzy and do not print well. 

All artwork needs to be set up as 8.5" X 11" in Portrait (TALL) configuration even if you don't use the whole page. All artwork needs to be actual size. New Margin requirements are 1/4" all the way around. 

All text in Corel needs to be converted to Curves and Illustrator converted to Lines before you send anything. This will insure the font you choose will remain imbedded. In Corel you need to save as version 13. Illustrator needs to be saved back to version 9 then saved as an EPS. This way I can open it on my version of Corel.

With the new OKI C942 we are no longer able to print in multi layer spot colors. It uses Toner on separate drums to print in CMYKW. Print layout now is very simple. You will just need 1 layer for your artwork. first change your background color to a color of your choice (except white). I normally use a light blue. Also make sure the "print background color" option is toggled off.  Create your artwork in the exact colors you want to be printed. This printer matches Pantone colors very well. Like all CMYK printers there are certain colors that do not print so well like light blue's & light gray's. This printer is 1200 DPI so the line spacing is very tight but you will see lines in certain colors. Short of screen printing there is no way around this. Pure white artwork (C=0, M=0, Y=0, K=0) will print white on this machine. All colors except black will have a white underlay automatically. You can NOT use white as a "Negative" or block out color. I'm still searching for an option to be able to do this but for now no luck. 


I can still print Metallic Silver and Metallic Gold on my old Kodak with limited success. Can not be combined on the same page as the Oki Print.


Any Further questions please email us.