2017 Fun!

We started the season off with a mini meet in May. 

Jeremy Gay's Consist

Curt Treadwell's NW2 after we relettered it to B&M

Bob Dewatchers A5a Camelback

Jeremy's Consist behind Bob's Camelback.

Ron Pelletier taking a pic of me taking a pic of him

Jim "Ashcan" Ash running Bob's Camelback.

My GP40-2W, Jeremy's ES44. 



The previous 5 shots are from video. Kinda fuzzy.


Scott & Cindy Weatherford Joined us for a trip to Adirondack Live Steamers 2017 Spring Meet.

Rich Falzone's Beautiful D&H lashup at the ALS 2017 Spring Meet

On June 24, 2017 Sandy & I were invited to the last run of John and Liz Halper's Monadnock Valley RR. Soon after this the track was dismantled. We attended quite a few meets at this track over the last 6 years. MVRR R.I.P.

Kevin....Having too much fun.

In August 2017 Sandy & I took a trip out to the Mill Creek Central in Coshocton, OH for their Buckeye Meet. They are 7.5" gauge so I can't run there with my equipment. We met up with Scott & Cindy there and had a great time. Scott brought his Beautiful BNSF ES44 and train. I Sold a couple things bought a couple things. Got to meet a  lot of people I have done Vinyl lettering for.


2017 Annual Fall Meet

A few guys show up Friday Evening and get unloaded

Mike McClure, from Railroad Supply, Gets Tommy Glod's Consolidation ready for a run after some repairs.

Amelia Caravetta had a blast running 

Triple headed 0-4-0's

2 A5's resting in the yard.

Chris McClure, Jeremy Gay, Mike McClure and just a hint of Steve McClure to the right

Ron Pelletier to the left. Steve (standing) & Mike McClure.

A good time was had by all

and then...

It was winter again!

Bretton Woods NH looking at the Mt Washington Hotel and in the distance you can see the right-of-way for the Mt.Washington Cog Railway. January 2018