Before I got started on the Ground work, I got going on cutting ties. I cut up 5 Gaylord Baskets full of ties. I was told it would be best to let them set for a while before I use them so they could dry out. I'm using 1.5" (actually closer to 1.25") Pressure Treated Balusters for my tie stock. I was able to find a great deal on them at Uncle Hildey's Lumber in Tilton, NH. They were selling them in 8' lengths for $1.00 a stick. Hard to beat that. If you do happen to use these you need to cut them up right away. These things will twist and curl like you wouldn't believe if you don't. Once they are cut to short lengths they will stay straight. I cut them at 13.75" in length so I could get 7 ties out of a 8' stick.

In May I had my friend Barry Packard come over with his Kubota Excavator and Flail Mower to cut some underbrush along the proposed right-of-way. Sure made quick work of that!

I also had Barry cut some trees that were in the way and he chipped most of them up and blew them into the back of my dump trailer.


Didn't do much more that summer on ground work. During the whole time this project was going on I was looking for my first locomotive. I guess I looked for about 6 months trying to decide on something. Nothing really tripped my trigger until one day I made a contact through the Live Diesel Group on Yahoo. Chris Sylvester in MA said he knew of this CN Switcher that a guy in Quebec City had for sale. It immediately caught my attention. I've always been a CN Modeler in smaller scales and this would just fit right in! Chris sent me a pic of it and I was hooked! I contacted the owner at QMRS in Quebec City and it was still for sale. We made a deal and in late August my wife Sandy & I took a trip up to pick it up. I was so excited to see it. It was all I had hoped it would be. He did a beautiful job on building it. See more info in the Equipment Roster.