CN 1378 SW1200RS 

Purchased in August 2010. Built by Reynald Proulx of Quebec City, Quebec. This model was Built from original CN blueprints to 1.7" Scale. It was originally built in a slightly larger scale to house a gasoline motor in the cab. Not long after it was built Reynald converted it to a 24V Electric system using parts from a Mobility cart. It houses 2-24V electric motors that chain drive 2 shafts to the outboard axles. The inboard axles are chain driven from the outer axles. It's is a very smooth running engine. Also with the sale included a single truck "sulky" type engineer's car that hooks into the rear coupler pocket. It's a design that I'm not very fond of so that may eventually get sold.

This is her with her stable mates at QMRS in Quebec City. The 2309 is now owned by Jeremy Gay in Burlington, VT.