2015 Season Construction

June 20, 2015

I'm late this year getting the updates started. First off I'd like to introduce the newest member of our track crew. Leanne Marie Fox was born on November 23, 2014 to Joe & Dawn Fox of Auburn ME. If you have been keeping up with the progress, Joe & Dawn have been instrumental in helping build the Railroad.

Train?.......What's a Train?

Last weekend (6/13/15) we had our Spring Meet. It was well attended. See the Meets page for pics.

We started this season back in April  by Building another Right hand curve switch. This was to be installed as the new Yard Lead. We also re-laid the Mainline curve into the new switch so it wasn't so sharp..

Once this was in  and reconnected to the Mainline, We decided to add in 2 temporary Yard tracks for the upcoming June Meet.

Here is where the new Mainline Diamond will cross.

We laid out this diamond the same way we did the last one. It's actually the same piece of 3/4" plywood up-side-down. Again we have a curve crossing a Tangent. I'll start building this after the Meet.

The last thing we did before the Meet was build this Left hand #6 switch. This was to be installed to reconnect the single ended siding that was taken out of service when the Mainline by the Wye was reconfigured last summer.

Here we see the new switch in place and Joe is reconnecting the siding.

We finished this up on Friday before the meet on Saturday. The rest of the day we  Spread ballast and Tamped Track. Well I guess that's it until after the meet!