Most of the winter was spent building Switches. I was able it get 6 RH Switches built before we started in playing with track this spring. Progress is slow due to weather and other work obligations by the crew.

Above is Dave Goodhue that came down from Ontario for Motorcycle week in June. He helped out a couple days on track. He's been an HO and Garden Railroader for years. I think I sold him on this scale now! HeHeHe!

*****************6/16/12 Work Session*****************

New crossings installed.


***************6/26/12 Work Session****************

New Crossover installed on the south end of the siding.

***********7/9/12 Work Session************

Joe Fox (above) and Cory Fothergill (below) work on sweeping newly spread ballast off the ties.

The siding (to the right) was extended to where the north crossover will be.

New Rock fills in where a future yard will be

The switch in the foreground will lead to the future loading/unloading area for guests to bring their equipment to the track.

7/11/12 Just finished a pair of Left #6 Switches for the North Crossover.

*********7/18/12 Work Session*********

Today turned out to be about 90 Degrees with high humidity. Cory & Joe still came over to do some trackwork. We only spent about 3 hours today working on getting the North Crossover switches in. That was plenty in this heat. 

We ended up cutting in the siding switch back 13' from where we ended the previous work session. I didn't account for the extra long connection track between the switches due to the tracks being so far apart. I'd say it came out pretty darn good! Next I'll build up a few 45'R curve panels hopefully this weekend for next weeks session.

After helping me get CN 1378 and riding cars ready to go to a meet this weekend,  the guys took off to go chase the New Hampshire Northcoast Sand Train south out of Ossipee. Saturday, Sandy and I are off to the Monadnock Valley Railroad http://www.mvrailroad.com/ in Greenfield, NH for a small NELS (North East Live Steamers) Meet.


*****************7-23-12 Work Session******************

This work session started out with me building 4 curve track panels ahead of time. The crew showed up about 2PM with the sun out and about 90 Degrees again. While they waited for me to assemble a switch stand on the new yard lead switch they went ahead and laid in 2 panels on the future Loading/Unloading track.

Cory, Joe and Dawn Taking a break.

Here we are at the area of the new yard lead. Dawn, Joe's FiancÚ does the heavy looking on while Cory drills a joint bolt hole. We just got things assembled and Joe's Fire pager went of and away they went. So no ballasting got done today. Below is today's finished Alignment.

***************9/3/12 Work Session****************

It's been about a month and a half since the last work session. Joe and Dawn had gotten married on August 18th.....Congratulations!!  The Honeymoon is over...BACK TO WORK!! I had built a #6 RH Switch a few curve panels ahead of time to get ready for this battle. The usual crew showed up being Joe, Dawn, Cory, my wife Sandy and I. Later on Joe's Dad, Mom and Sister stopped by to see what was happening.

Cory & Dawn Fighting with Joint Bolts.

My Tom Bee Ballast car works out well for an all around work car.


Sandy & Joe are busy spreading Ballast.....

....as the joint bar battle rages on.

Once we were out of range of getting the Tractor close to the job we had to rely on the Ballast car to do it's intended job. Here we have Mike (Joe's father) and Joe working out the finer points of spreading ballast like the big boys do............well sort of. 

Today's crew left to right. Cory, Sandy, Courtney (Joe's little sister), Dawn, Joe, Jodi (Joe's Mom, peeking up in the back) and Mike (Joe's Father).

Below is today's finished alignment. We installed about 220' of Mainline and 1 switch. 

Job well done! Thanks Guys!

***************9/9/12 thru 9/14/12 Work Sessions****************

We put in 4 days of work this week. 

Well now we are at the point of having to cut through some new right of way. We started laying out the curve at the end of the straight away and determined that the mainline would be too close to the Property line. We decided to set back about 20 feet and cut a new curve. This gave the opportunity of installing a switch to service a future industry or 2. Now with the curve laid out, I fired up my little Kubota excavator and off I went. Joe took down a few small trees that were in the way as I proceeded to scrape off about 8-10" of forest mat, stumps and roots. 

The original curve layout to the right.

We Spread Ballast until it ran out. We Progressed about 100' beyond the above pic. I trucked it all bucket by bucket with my little John Deere 2305. Joe and Dawn worked hard leveling it out as we went.

Now it was time to start on track again.

From this point on I'm trying not to take down any large trees if I can help it so a little zig-zag here and there will make it interesting.

I found a use for the #7 RH Switch I built for the Wye that wouldn't fit.

Here I have room for a couple industries for some switching later on.

Decided to install a Grade Crossing here for ease of access for materials.

All in all we got in another 160' of mainline completed.

***************10/7/12 Work Session****************

Well we just kept going on the Mainine weaving through the trees.

Here is where we finished up today. The following pics are of the additional right of way that was completed ready for track.

This is the location of one of the 3  Mainline Diamonds.

***************10/20/12 Work Session****************

Last weekend I didn't take any pics of what we did. Last weekend I decided to break through the treeline and start this part of the track. This way I could spread the sub roadbed with the tractor before we assembled the track in the foreground. It was easier than trucking the ballast all the way around the back of the container.

On the track to the right we had to make a slight curve to the left to give a wider clearance on that tree.

Sorry for the blurry pics this week. Not sure why.

Part of the new 65' radius alignment around the Ballast pile.

Joe is finishing up for the evening spreading Ballast. At this point we measured the amount of track we have down now. Came up with 1075 feet so far. That includes the lead up to the container. Not sure at this point if we will be doing any more this fall. It's getting colder and it won't be long before that four letter s-word! I'll post more if we keep going. 

If you look at the revised track plan, the original track that was supposed to be a siding opposite the Garden will now be part of the mainline. This plan makes more sence. If you follow it around  you can reverse your direction easily both ways by using the crossover switches. With all the switches being spring loaded, you can reverse 2 of the switches and continuously reverse direction with every loop. Running like this should throw more fun into the mix. Probably not a good idea with more than 1 train running though.

***************10/27/12 Work Session****************

Today turned out to be a pretty nice day in the mid to high 60's. Perfect weather for working outside. While Joe worked in the shop building more track panels, I hopped on the Excavator and continued the right of way around the back of the container.

We only got about 4 more panels in today but extended the path another 60' or so. We have a big Hurricane bearing down on us now so who knows what next weekend will bring. Might be a lot of cleanup.


That's it for the moment.

Stay Tuned for more updates as we progress!