This set will do both locomotives that North Stratford owned. These decals were screen printed. During printing one of the colors got screwed up and they printed an extra sheet that will be included. (Below)

Both the S-1 and the 44 Tonner were painted metallic dark green including the sills.  The Battery box & trucks were black. Handrails and Pilot Faces are all yellow.

The Lime-Green stripe on S-1 #959 on the brakeman's side had a yellow border stripe top and bottom that ended at the front of the Side Radiator Grills. The nose and Engineer's side had white border stripes. After it was retired and transfered to the HOBO RR the yellow border stripes on the Brakeman's side were painted white for a short time until the whole unit was repainted.

NSRC 44 Tonner #76 was an ex US Army unit. After her retirement on he NSRC it went to the New Hampshire Central (NHC took over the NSRC trackage to Colebrook). It was Painted yellow and renumbered 360. Later it was transfered to the Conway Scenic RR where it sits today on Display. Both of these locomotives are still owned by the State of NH.