Industrial Models - The Finest 1/48 Scale Weathering and Structure Building

Modern Line O Scale Decals

All sets will do 1 complete model except data Sheet




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ACFX Dupont 15K Gal Tank "TI-PURE"


IMO-025 ACFX 15K Gal Tank  "Magnesium Dioxide" $14.00

IMO-026 CN Single Bay Airslide $14.00

IMO-047 Grand Trunk Western 50' ACF Boxcar $14.00

IMO-052 Southern 50' ACF Boxcar $14.00

IMO-055 SOO Line Seven Post 50' Boxcars White w/ Red Door $14.00

IMO-056 Southern 40' "XF" Food Service Boxcar $14.00

IMO-061 PROCOR Molten Sulfur 15K Gal Tank $14.00

IMO-068 Rock Island "ROUTE ROCK" Blue 50' Boxcars $14.00

IMO-085 Therm Ice 20K Gal Tank UTLX Carbon Dioxide $14.00

IMO-088 Southern Double Door DF 50' Boxcar $14.00

IMO-089 Southern 50' PS-1 Boxcar $14.00

IMO-090 Southern PS-5 53' Covered Mill Gon $14.00

IMO-097 Southern 3 Bay ACF Covered Hopper $14.00

IMO-100 Union Pacific 3 Bay ACF As Delivered $14.00

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