This Freelance Railroad is set in the Fall of 1995. It's owned by Jim Abbott, Owner of Highball Graphics.

 Based in Superior, Wisconsin, the ST operates on 855 route miles between Winnipeg and Chicago using a trackage rights agreement with the CN between Winnipeg and Fort Francis, ON. 

The ST has a fleet of 150 Boxcars dedicated to the Boise Cascade Mill in International Falls, MN. These cars are numbered 3200-3349 and have green doors. This set will also do the 3000-3199 series Cars are in the general pool. These cars have yellow doors.

This set will do 1 complete model in HO Scale.

This set includes 2 of the above decal sheet.

These Decals are Screen Printed.

Intermountain P/S 50' Boxcar painted by Jim Abbott

Model by Richard Deuso.


The 400 is the first of 25 units that were rebuilt at NRE using various 40/45 series car bodies. These units are designated SD40-3's and have been repowered with 3000 hp 645 V16's.

Models by Kelley Duford of Duford Modelworks

Rapido CPR Caboose Painted by Jim Abbott

2 of 10 SD40's on the STRC roster. These are Athearn Models modified and painted by Mark Roach of Ruthven, Ontario. This Pic was taken on Mark's D&H Layout.