This set will do 5 complete models in HO or N Scale.

The Allagash is an HO Scale Proto-Freelance Railroad Belonging to Mike Confalone of Goffstown, NH.

You can read all about Mike's Railroad at Model Railroad Hobbyist Magazine

Mike is also the owner of Railroad Explorer Magazine.

Modeled by Mike Confalone

This shows the older style, and the more modern-style trailers in two Allagash paint schemes, plus a single trailer decorated for the ill-fated and short-lived "Northstar" piggyback service. This may be the only trailer in the Northstar paint. The majority will wear the plain white with Allagash "A" logo. These trailers will mix with trailers from B&M, Conrail, BAR, Santa Fe, GE Leasing and whatever else, on the East Wind.