Quality Railservice is part of Hank Stephens Georgia Road Proto-Freelance Empire.

Quality RailService Inc. is a small Deep South based contract switching and locomotive leasing company based out of Brookwood, AL, located in a turn of the century historical storefront The very first contract switching business was a switching contract at the Mercedes America Automotive Assembly Plant in Vance Alabama in the early 2000s. The original roster was a group of ex ATSF CF-7s, GP-7u and a single SD-7u (ex CofGA SD-7 rebuilt to match the Cleburne modifications to the GP-7u units ) added to increase braking and traction on the curvy and graded plant lead. Later, the roster was upgraded with a pair of GP50 units rebuilt similar to NS GP38-3 specifications and an ex KCS SD40-2. The KCS unit would be named for the owner, Gabriel Dale Stephens, in memoriam, hence the name and paw prints. Over the years the leasing side of the business continued to grow, adding additional units to the roster for general lease service and the core contract switching business on which Quality RailService Inc. was founded. Locomotives can be found in contract switching all over the US, and the general lease units roam all over North America.

Excerpt from marketing material----

One of the major shippers on the modeled portion of the Georgia Road Brookwood Subdivision is the Mercedes Benz Automotive Assembly Plant in Vance, AL. The actual plant is a few miles off the mainline interchange with the plant lead, and is the base of operations for the contract switcher operation for the plant automotive loading ramp. Quality RailService, Inc is a small contract switching company that is the current supplier for the rail operations and keeps the automotive loading ramps switched with cars interchanged to and from the Georgia Road mainline. It is an non-glamorous way to make a living, moving cuts of autoracks from the Georgia Road lead and storage tracks at a yard at Georgia Newman and the plant lead several times a day. The company also does FRA running repairs on the autoracks, so time is also spent cycling bad order cars in and out of the RIP spur. George Newman is just to the north and east of the NS access at Vance, AL proper. The staple power for the switching operation is 2-3 rebuilt GP units and an end cab switcher which usually works the RIP track. Due to grades on the lead, the switchers use a minimum of two units with a third six axle unit thrown in for good measure to ensure proper braking if cuts pulled are larger than usual. The company roster consists of a CF-7, two GP7u units, a SW1500 and a heavily rebuilt ex NS SD7 called a SD-7u that is normal power for the Mercedes operation. Quality RailService, Inc. also has two GP38-3 units, and a single SD40-2 to round out the roster, usually leased out to other operations or as short term lease power to any railroad or operation looking for stop gap locomotion. Quality RailService, Inc, and its operations work around the clock, exemplifying the company slogan, "Quality on the Move!"

For a prototype inspiration for this project, please see RTEX services, with its principal shop located in Social Circle, GA.

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Press release at passing of founder