This set will do 2 complete models in HO Scale.

Here is Kenny's description of the PVR.

The Pilar Valley Railway is a freelanced railroad in the 80's that runs from the upper Midwest (Wisconsin) to the West coast (Washington). The PVR revolves around the logging, lumber and paper industries as it's main customers. The PVR also does a lot of business in the farming industry moving grain and machinery. PVR interchanges with the Burlington Northern in LaCrosse, WI. The PVR then runs from LaCrosse to Washington on what was the Great Northern. LaCrosse is the end of the line for the BN as far as going North and Northwest. The PVR takes care of the majority of the papermills through out Central and Northeast Wisconsin. In the future the PVR plans to interchange with the Escanaba & Lake Superior in Northeast Wisconsin.


Here are some other shots of Kenny's Equipment.