This set will do 1 complete model.

Hi Jim,

I thank you for releasing new decals for the Reading RR. They are sorely needed.  I do have some updated information that will help you to sell more decals.

On your web page referencing the Reading decals. You have listed that the 40' boxcars  are Pullman Standard.  The Reading never owned any 40' PS boxcars. That is an urban legend that has been around for years.

The 40' boxcars in the 18200-18249 were  built by AC&F. They have Dartnot ends.   (sometimes mistaken for Pull. Standard ends)  Welded car bodies.

The 50' boxcars are NOT Pullman Standard.  The 50' boxcars in the 19700-19749, 19750-19799 were built by AC&F with Dreadnaught ends.
Some were the 4-4 style and others the 4-3-1 style Dreadnaught ends.

The 50' boxcars in the 19950-19999 were built by AC&F with Dartnot ends.  (same type ends that are mistaken for Pullman Standard style).   Originally built as  40' boxcars. The Reading rebuilt them into 50' boxcars in the mid 1960's. They have welded bodies with a riveted splice plate.

Thanks for releasing  these decals. I'm sure they'll be a hit with RDG fans,

John Caples
Reading Tech. and Hist. Society member #339
Reading Modeler contributing Editor

PS for some great RDG CO information see