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Help Restore Maine Central 470 to Operation!

Highball Graphics is proud to be a sponsor in the effort to Restore Maine Central Steam Locomotive #470 to Operational Status. This project is being undertaken by the New England Steam Corporation based in Winterport, Maine. Please see their website for more information.

To help in the effort, Highball Graphics will be donating 100% of the proceeds from the sale of our Maine Central Steam Locomotive Decal set's L-217 and LN-217. So stock up now and help out a great cause!

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For those of you who are interested, Here is a link to my 1/8" Scale Backyard Railroad web page.

 Silver Lake & Ossipee RR

***New Update 6/20/15***



Bartlett Roundhouse Preservation Society

4th Annual Model Train Show

Vendors / Operating Layouts / Crafters 

Saturday June 4, 2016 from 10 - 4

Attitash Grand Summit Hotel

Rt. 302, Bartlett NH

For more info or Vendor information


Pete Davis [email protected]


Scotty Mallett [email protected] 

Above Photo September 1967

Hi Folks, We need your help. My wife and I are involved with a group that is trying to save and restore the last remaining Portland and Ogdensburg RR Roundhouse built in 1887. It's part of the old Maine Central Mountain Division located in Bartlett, NH. You can read more about the group and this historic building at the link below:

Also check us out on Facebook.

We're looking for donations and for people to become involved in the group. The Bartlett Roundhouse Preservation Society is a 501C3 Non-Profit Organization so Donations are tax deductible.

Work Session 10/25/14

Donations and Membership


New Decals Available Now!

Armour Transportation 53' Semi Trailers and Containers

Set# F-356 HO Scale $7.00

Set# FN-356  N Scale $6.00


Crystal Car Line (CCLX) 20K Gal Corn Syrup Tanks #2100-2199

Set# F-355 HO Scale $7.00

Set# FN-355  N Scale $6.00


Ann Arbor 70T Covered Hoppers

Set# F-354 HO Scale $7.00

Set# FN-354  N Scale $6.00


CO-OP Semi Dry Van Trailers

Set# F-353 HO Scale $7.00

Set# FN-353  N Scale $6.00


Bangor & Aroostook Orange 40' Steel Reefers

Set# F-352 HO Scale $7.00

Set# FN-352  N Scale $6.00

Set# FO-352  O Scale $14.00


Canadian Pacific (International of Maine) 40' PS-1 Boxcars & Woodchip cars

Set# F-351 HO Scale $7.00

Set# FN-351  N Scale $6.00

Set# FO-351  O Scale $14.00


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New Accessory Decals:

Available Now!

"DO NOT TAMP" Labels for Scrap Cars 

Set# AD-38 HO Scale  $5.00


Air Filter Screens for Canadian Rebuilt MLW's

Set# AD-36 HO Scale  w/o Pleats $5.00

Set# ADN-36 N Scale  w/o Pleats $5.00


Set# AD-37 HO Scale w/Pleats  $5.00

Set# ADN-37 N Scale w/Pleats  $5.00


Follow this link to order AD Series Decals!


Freelance Railroad Decals

These sets are for actual Freelance Model Railroads. These decals will be released with the owners permission. Here is a great opportunity to have some different roadnames on your railroad that aren't normally available. Many Freelance Model Railroaders like to trade equipment with each other. Now here is an inexpensive way to carry on the tradition. 

New Sets Available Now

Georgia Road MOW Equipment

Set# FL-29 HO Scale  $8.00


Cincinnati & Lake Erie Modern EMD & GE Widecabs

Set# FL-28 HO Scale  $8.00


Allagash Railway Intermodal Trailers

Set# FL-27 HO Scale  $8.00


Cincinnati & Lake Erie Buffer Cars & Marcellus Crude Oil Tanks

Set# FL-26 HO Scale  $16.00


Quality Railservice Leasing Hood Units

Set# FL-25 HO Scale  $8.00


Northeastern Railway FMC 50' Boxcars 

Set# FL-24 HO Scale  $8.00


Follow this link to order FL Series Decals!


TC Series Decals:

These sets are strictly for Private Owner and Leasing Company tank cars. They will include Reporting marks, Heralds, Data, Lube Plates and Yellow Reflective stripes if applicable. Each set will be $4.00 and do one complete model. 

Available in HO Scale only.

3 New Sets Available Now!

Dupont (TILX) 20K gal. Tank for Non-Flammable Compressed Gas built by Trinity Railcar.

Set# TC-3 HO Scale  $4.00

Exxon-Mobil (XOMX) 28K Gal Tank Built by Trinity Railcar.

Set# TC-4 HO Scale  $4.00

TILX 15K Gal Tank for Molten Sulfur built by Trinity Railcar.

Set# TC-5 HO Scale  $4.00

More to come soon!

Follow this link to order TC Series Decals!



Latest Decal Sets

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Accessory Decals

TC Series Tank Car Decals

FL Series Freelance RR Decals

O Scale Decals 

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Thanks to all of my customers that bought Parts in the past. The RTR world we live in now has dropped sales off enough that it's not worth it anymore.


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